The state of Christianity illustrated by the treatment of Rob Bell

I’ve never much understood the vilification of Rob Bell. One of Christianity’s “superstars” of the new millennium, he was quickly tossed aside after questioning the idea of Hell and whether what we’ve come to be taught is actually true.

The sad truth is that, most ironically, the bulk of this vilification is from those who call themselves Christians; you know, the religion that models itself on the life and teachings of Christ, namely love.

It is a perfect example of how hypocritical most Christians are. I’ve always found Rob to be very engaging, because he challenges me and makes me think. If you can’t challenge and question your religion, it seems to me that people might be afraid of what you’ll find. Ricky Gervais wrote an excellent piece that speaks to this and why he’s an atheist a few years ago. Despite us having different viewpoints, I respect him more than most because he considered things, made an intellectual and personal choice, stuck to it and doesn’t flaunt it in people’s faces.

I am a Christian but I hate to use that term for this very reason. Christians have been given earned a reputation that they’re not willing to do any soul-searching and are arrogant enough to think that their way is the correct and only way.

My most intimate spiritual moments have come from questioning God, my faith and how they play out in the world that I live in – not the world of 2,000 years ago which was quite different – especially if you believe that Christianity is as relevant today as it was back then. Questions are good. Dialogue is good. Both internal and external.

Don’t be a sheep. Show some intelligence and character by thinking about what you’ve been taught and what you actually believe.

There are many facets of Christianity and I think that many of the debatable points are good things to discuss, but are not soapboxes. Don’t believe in gay marriage? Very well – don’t support it, but don’t victimise people for their choices.

Jesus’ chief message was love. And there is far more scripture to support that than any of the points that Christians are willing to fight so hard for (or against), like homosexuality, adultery, abortion or the notion of Hell.

So do me, us and the world a favour by not making a mockery out of yourself and consider what being a Christian really means.

I highly suggest reading John Pavlovitz’s piece on The Continued Crucifying Of Rob Bell, And What It Says About The State Of Modern Christianity, which inspired me to write this piece.

The Continued Crucifying of Rob Bell

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