Why you should never tell companies your real birthday

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Everyone wants to know your birthday it seems. Every time you have to set up an account, more often than not you’ll be asked for your birthday.

There’s two main reasons I’m going to suggest that you don’t give them your real birthday.

Your privacy

Data security is more important now than ever and, after your name, is probably the thing most used to identify you (just think to the last time you went to the doctor – you’re asked for your name and then to confirm your date of birth).

With that, it isn’t something that should be given out freely. This is one of the reasons that I just completely make up my DOB when a company asks for it, unless the company wants to know has a legitimate need for it, and it needs to be accurate (e.g. opening a bank account, going to the doctor).

Spreading the rewards out

One of the main reasons I might be swayed to give up my birthday is if a company gives out freebies on your birthday. Aside from wanting to protect my identity, the other reason to give them a false birthday is that you can’t possibly use all of the birthday rewards that are sent your way each year.

By giving them a false birthday, you’ll get rewards sent to you throughout the year and you’re much more likely to be able to actually use them.

By Dave

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