How to use multiple trip odometers on a VW Jetta

I’ve had a (2017) VW Jetta since last January and despite my attempts to figure out how I could use multiple trip odometers, I wasn’t able to do so until this past weekend (18 months later).

When I first got my Jetta, I noticed how there was a small number 1 near my odometer and other trip calculations (such as average consumption), which I assumed to mean that you could have multiple calculations running concurrently. However, I couldn’t find any such information in the user manual. And that’s the way it stayed for 18 months.

One day, it was really bothering me, so I started with some of the buttons on my steering wheel to see if I could get it working. After a little bit of tinkering, I figured out how to get it working.

To switch between the two available trip odometers (and their associated calculations), press the OK button on your steering wheel when on the MFI screen.

To reset one back to zero (if you just filled up, or you’re embarking upon a new trip that you want to record), make that odometer active and then hold the OK button to reset it to 0.

Simple enough, but no word on it in the user manual as best as I can tell. If you’ve tried this on Jettas from different model years, or different VW models, report back whether it works here.

By Dave

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