About Dave

The early years

Way back in the 80s, I was born in a small seaside town near Brighton, in the UK to a great mother and father. I was the third of four children with two older sisters and a younger brother.

I excelled at school, was pretty shy and had a wonky eye (which I still have to this day despite several operations).

At the age of 12 I appeared on Countdown playing against adults. I lost the game 45-55 but it remains one of my proudest moments.


While growing up, I decided one day that I wanted to be a civil engineer. What I didn’t know was that I actually wanted to be an architect but I didn’t know the difference, so in a twist of fate, I became an engineer which is enjoyable: just very different to what I thought I wanted.

During my time at uni, by chance, I happened to meet who would later become my wife: Martina. We were thrown into an online conversation by a mutual friend, and there began a great friendship.

Before long, we had decided that we were meant to be together forever and I booked a one-way ticket to America.

Married life

In my early 20s, I was settling into my new married life in Florida, somewhere I never thought I would be living.

I decided to start up my own web development company after developing many websites for friends and family, and I love the work I do.

Martina and I had some wonderful years alone before we found out that we were expecting our first child. Ellie was born in June 2013 and means the world to us. A little after a year later, we found out that Jack was on his way and he arrived in May 2015.