Determination for this new year

Last year, a trusted friend put a word in my ear that I have really taken to heart. That word is determination.

I’ve always been quite placid, so being determined to do anything isn’t something that comes naturally to me. With my wife wanting me to take a leadership role in our marriage, this has definitely caused some friction.

I haven’t made a new year’s resolution in probably 15 years, but something about this new year gave me the drive I need to be a better person. I am determined to be the husband that she needs and the father that my daughter (and forthcoming son) need me to be.

I’m also determined to be much fitter. I’m tired of the yo-yo. For about 4 years now, I’ve had a goal to get down to 190 lbs, which is the heaviest that I want to be. My goal was to get down to 190 and then focus on staying below that. A little over a year ago, I came my closest yet, when I was only 3 lbs away, but I again let it slip from my grasp and now, after Christmas, I stand just shy of 220 lbs.

It’s been a cycle that has repeated throughout my adult (and child) life, and one that I’ve often struggled with, particularly in times of stress. Well, I’m done with it. I’m resolving to get down to my actual goal weight of 180 lbs (for a BMI of ~22.5), with an upper window of 190 lbs. Aiming to lose 5 lbs a month, I should be there by the end of July.

I want to be able to run around with my kids, go on bike rides and hikes with them and just feel better about myself. It’s amazing how much more confident I am when I’m under 200 lbs.

So, the determination starts here. I refuse to allow myself or my relationships to become sedentary. It’s time for some action.

By Dave

Dave is the proud father of Ellie and Jack. There's nothing that makes him happier than spending time with his incredible wife and their amazing children. He's a civil/mechanical engineer and he also builds and maintains WordPress websites.

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