When kids grow kale, kids eat kale

Ron Finely delivers his heartfelt passion for growing your own food & transforming communities in the process, by reducing obesity and other preventable diseases.

In a refreshingly raw and inspiring talk, Ron Finley tells use how he is trying to transform South Central (Los Angeles) into an area filled with urban gardens. His talk is filled with comedy, noting that they need to make gardening sexy, suggesting that kids can become “gangsters” who have shovels as their weapon of choice, and that if people want to discuss helping him with his project, they can forget about doing it in cushy chairs: they need to come down to the garden and help plant him some shit! Continue reading “When kids grow kale, kids eat kale”

Ken Robinson: My idol and his views on education

Ken Robinson has given a couple of very famous TED talks and his views on education resonate with my soul. He suggests that creativity is being killed off in our schools and in the very society that raises our children.

Ken Robinson is an absolute genius. I remember seeing his first TED talk on a podcast back in about 2006, and it really resonated with me. It became an instant hit and I’ve watched it many times since.

Ken has spent decades looking at education systems worldwide and advising governments on how their education systems are failing so many children, typically in the arts.

I challenge you to watch these videos and not be inspired by his wisdom, humour and challenges. It has made me want to explore my creative side and to set the stage for my unborn daughter to be able to explore her creativity and be what she wishes to be as she grows up. Continue reading “Ken Robinson: My idol and his views on education”