If we won

Stephen Merchant, of The Office and An Idiot Abroad fame, made this hilarious ad for Newcastle Brown Ale, talking about how much better America would be if we had won.

Some much-needed (and humourous) airtime for net neutrality

John Oliver did an excellent segment on his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about the current legislation that cable companies are trying to boorishly shove through Congress to sideline everyday users of the Internet to favour whoever has the biggest pockets to pay for the fastest bandwidth.

This is the biggest challenge the Internet has ever faced and it must be struck down.

Trust me, you really COULD care less

One of my biggest frustrations with America is how they’ve bastardised some aspects of the English language, especially when they make no sense at all! Take for example, the phrase “I could care less”, which should of course be “I couldn’t care less”. Watch and learn, America!