Don’t interrupt thinking thinkers

There’s little that annoys me more than getting interrupted when I’m thinking. Especially when it’s for something benign, like chit-chat. It’s not that I don’t like chit-chat, I just like honouring my most creative moments more.

As I was writing my last blog post, I was interrupted by someone who just wanted to have a quick chat and make small talk to break up the morning. She does this on a somewhat regular basis, peering over the cubicle wall and staring at me, waiting for me to recognise her, even though she can see that I’m deep in thought and have my headphones on.

Society commands that we stop in our tracks and respond to the person who is addressing is, which is part of the reason that Jason Fried thinks that offices are so unproductive. Despite being in the middle of a sentence, I had to stop, take my headphones and engage her in her own desires for communication. Continue reading “Don’t interrupt thinking thinkers”

Ken Robinson discusses the current state of education

In this talk, Ken discusses the current state of education and how the culture of schools is failing the children that attend them, by trying to find common ground across 30 very different minds.

It is always a pleasure to listen to Ken Robinson speak. He’s one of my favourite orators and even though his delivery is very calm and controlled, it always stokes a fire inside of me. In this talk, he discusses the current state of education and how the culture of schools is failing the children that attend them. In particular, the emphasis on standardised testing and “No Child Left Behind” are ironically, leaving millions of children behind.

Insist on changing the current school culture and filling the gaps created by your child’s education: it’s critical to well-rounded children who enjoy learning who go on to be independent thinkers and creators. Continue reading “Ken Robinson discusses the current state of education”

The burden of communication

The burden of communication is on the communicator

For me, communication is an art and I completely agree that if you want to be understood, it is your duty to clearly and effectively communicate your intent to your audience. As an introvert, this isn’t as easy for me, but a solid grasp on spelling, grammar and your lexicon certainly makes it much easier.