You can’t expect to look like a million bucks

You can’t expect to look like a million bucks, when you eat from the dollar menu.

– Unknown

It’s a shame that market economies have allowed meat and dairy and generally shit food to become the cheapest around, through questionable, immoral and inhumane practices, so that the poorest become the unhealthiest.

Recommended watching: Food, Inc.

There’s a lot to be said for the health and environmental benefits of a more plant-centric diet, even if you don’t go completely vegan. Just try and do it a bit more often.

When vegetarianism/veganism sounds good, but frightening

Vegetarianism and veganism seem to be seeing an uptick in support, at least from where I’m standing. And the reasons are numerous: from animal cruelty, to environmental concerns and health benefits, there’s many reasons to take up veganism or vegetarianism.

But, taking the plunge can be a bit hard. “So this is the last piece of cheese I’m ever going to eat…?” However, by becoming a weekday vegetarian or vegan still drops your animal product/meat consumption by about 70%, which has massive health, moral and environmental benefits, while still allowing you to eat your vices at the weekend. This video is a great watch if you’ve ever considered vegetarianism/veganism.

Vegan pizza on our “baby moon”

Somehow, Martina managed to convince me that there is such a thing as a “baby moon”: one last getaway during the latter stages of pregnancy, before you embark upon life as a parent.

We didn’t go far, but taking a couple of days away to spend with each other and be out of our normal routine was just what we needed.

Last night, we had a delicious dinner at Seasons 52, and this evening, we decided on some of our favourite vegan pizza, from Gourmet Pizza Company.