Our wish to move to Portland, OR

Vegans, wine, roses, soft grass, seasons, parks, mountains, summer nights, walking, art, hippies and hipsters… Why wouldn’t we want to move to Portland!?

For several years, Martina and I have wanted to leave the schlong of the US (Florida) and get ourselves up to Portland, OR. There’s a whole cacophony of reasons, but here’s a few that come to mind:

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Vegan pizza on our “baby moon”

Somehow, Martina managed to convince me that there is such a thing as a “baby moon”: one last getaway during the latter stages of pregnancy, before you embark upon life as a parent.

We didn’t go far, but taking a couple of days away to spend with each other and be out of our normal routine was just what we needed.

Last night, we had a delicious dinner at Seasons 52, and this evening, we decided on some of our favourite vegan pizza, from Gourmet Pizza Company.




Our baby registry

In a few months, Martina and I are expecting our first baby, a little girl. So we put together a baby registry for people who want to help us get all the stuff we need.

I seriously had no idea just how much stuff you need, and I’m a practical person! So, if you feel so compelled, feel free to buy us something from our registry.