4th of July: a moral dilemma

Well, today is the 4th of July, which America knows as Independence Day and the rest of the world knows as the 4th of July.

Today presents the first of many moral dilemmas to come for me. Thing is, I’m British – quite proudly so – and I never really “got” or “cared for” American culture, so imagine my quandary when I fell in love with an American and moved here.

That wasn’t too hard to deal with, but now things have become more complicated. By virtue of Ellie being born in America, she is now an American citizen, and will be going to American schools and working with Americans. Continue reading “4th of July: a moral dilemma”

Week 1 Baby Essentials

Well, Ellie is now officially one week old. It’s been a little testing at times, but for the most part, it’s just been incredibly fun watching her grow and learning her idiosyncrasies.

There’s been a few things that have really made this first week a lot easier to manage, so I thought I’d write down a few of the things that we just couldn’t do without, so that expectant parents can get a headstart and make their first week a little easier: Continue reading “Week 1 Baby Essentials”

Our experience with Katrina Hollon, Holistic Maternity

We were very excited when we first met and hired Katrina as our midwife. She just fit our personality types very well (laid back, sensible, professional, nature-driven) and we knew that it was a good fit.

Well, here we are now, over 7 months later with a baby in our hands, so I thought I’d write a little about our overall experience.

Katrina was wonderful throughout Marti’s pregnancy. She was always gentle, informative, flexible and friendly. No question was ever too stupid, no concern ever too trivial and no need ever unmet. Continue reading “Our experience with Katrina Hollon, Holistic Maternity”

Ken Robinson discusses the current state of education

In this talk, Ken discusses the current state of education and how the culture of schools is failing the children that attend them, by trying to find common ground across 30 very different minds.

It is always a pleasure to listen to Ken Robinson speak. He’s one of my favourite orators and even though his delivery is very calm and controlled, it always stokes a fire inside of me. In this talk, he discusses the current state of education and how the culture of schools is failing the children that attend them. In particular, the emphasis on standardised testing and “No Child Left Behind” are ironically, leaving millions of children behind.

Insist on changing the current school culture and filling the gaps created by your child’s education: it’s critical to well-rounded children who enjoy learning who go on to be independent thinkers and creators. Continue reading “Ken Robinson discusses the current state of education”

Ken Robinson: My idol and his views on education

Ken Robinson has given a couple of very famous TED talks and his views on education resonate with my soul. He suggests that creativity is being killed off in our schools and in the very society that raises our children.

Ken Robinson is an absolute genius. I remember seeing his first TED talk on a podcast back in about 2006, and it really resonated with me. It became an instant hit and I’ve watched it many times since.

Ken has spent decades looking at education systems worldwide and advising governments on how their education systems are failing so many children, typically in the arts.

I challenge you to watch these videos and not be inspired by his wisdom, humour and challenges. It has made me want to explore my creative side and to set the stage for my unborn daughter to be able to explore her creativity and be what she wishes to be as she grows up. Continue reading “Ken Robinson: My idol and his views on education”

Our wish to move to Portland, OR

Vegans, wine, roses, soft grass, seasons, parks, mountains, summer nights, walking, art, hippies and hipsters… Why wouldn’t we want to move to Portland!?

For several years, Marti and I have wanted to leave the schlong of the US (Florida) and get ourselves up to Portland, OR. There’s a whole cacophony of reasons, but here’s a few that come to mind:

Continue reading “Our wish to move to Portland, OR”