Last night, while making margaritas for friends, Marti and me, I realised that we didn’t have anything to measure 1 ounce of triple sec etc. until I had a eureka moment and used one of Ellie’s food containers, which is graded at 1 and 2 ounces. #FTW!

A response from those who choose not to vaccinate their children

Marti and I have decided not to vaccinate Ellie after considerable research into the matter, and I was glad to see someone standing up in support of those who choose not to (or to selectively) vaccinate their children. Jessica Gianelloni discusses the fallacies in the arguments meant to intimidate or scare those who have made this decision. My favourite part is when she questions why parents of vaccinated children are so scared of non-vaccinated children being around them (since presumably they are immune to any disease that my child might be harbouring…).

I’m not one to push my decisions or theories on others, but I felt compelled to share this article, in light of some of the responses that we’ve seen to the mention of not vaccinating Ellie, including from our closest friends (who assume that we’ve taken this choice lightly [we spent hours researching and read unbiased books on the subject], are “miss-educated” [or miseducated – oh, the irony] and are doing it because we’re part of a hippy movement [not because we’re concerned for the welfare and health of our children]).

Miss-educated hippies

If you want to vaccinate your children, that’s fine – go nuts: you won’t hear me complaining. But don’t get on your soapbox and start bullying me into making the same decisions that you make.

The babymobile

We’ve been planning this for a while, and waiting for the right time to pounce, since we were in a good position financially, but the other day, we finally said “adieu” to Marti’s Altima Coupe, which wasn’t exactly well suited to transporting a small person, and we got ourselves a good deal on a new Volkswagen Tiguan.

We really liked its safety features, the extra room for transporting Ellie and her “stuff”, and the panoramic sunroof, so that Ellie can look at the birds and the stars.







Week 1 Baby Essentials

Well, Ellie is now officially one week old. It’s been a little testing at times, but for the most part, it’s just been incredibly fun watching her grow and learning her idiosyncrasies.

There’s been a few things that have really made this first week a lot easier to manage, so I thought I’d write down a few of the things that we just couldn’t do without, so that expectant parents can get a headstart and make their first week a little easier: Continue reading “Week 1 Baby Essentials”