My 4th of July trip to Kingston, MA and Bath, NH

The beautiful Ammonoosuc River in Bath, NH

This 4th of July, me and my family planned a trip to visit with Marti‘s cousin and her kids in Kingston, Massachusetts before heading up to Bath, New Hampshire to their cabin for some time in the mountains.

It was a really nice trip. The weather was a refreshing change (it still got pretty warm during the day, but with much less humidity than Florida, and it cooled off in the evenings) and the terrain and landscape were also a very welcome change coming from the monotonous and flat swamps of Florida.

I happened to spend 4th of July there and so participated in the town’s 4th of July parade, which is kinda cheesy and stale, but it’s something to do for the day. However, despite trying to fit in on the 4th of July, my American family still tried to send me to my grave by sitting me such that my chair fell through the deck and the balcony railings. Fortunately, I stopped just shy of falling over the edge and slept with one eye open for the remainder of my trip.

It was a shame that I only got to spend 6 days up there, while Martina, Ellie & Jack got to spend a full two weeks up there. Still, that gave me some alone time back at home, which was welcome in its own way. Nonetheless, I’m very glad to have them back now.

Everyone else’s memories from this trip

Ellie’s trip to NH and MA over 4th of July

Jack’s first vacation – New England 2016

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