A realisation that’ll make you feel old in a heartbeat

Are you ready to feel really old?

I was born in 1985. As I was growing up, the music of the 80s was fairly current, 70s was a bit dated, but music from the 60s was really old. The 50s and earlier was prehistoric and I’m not sure that I really heard too much music that predates the 60s.

Thinking about this is somewhat bizarre because in reality, the 60s were as recent as just 16 years prior to my birth, but that segues nicely into my next point.

My kids were born in 2013 and 2015. Using the same timelines, I might expect my kids to think that the music of the noughties is a bit dated and the music of the 90s is really old. Similarly, music from the 80s and prior would be prehistoric.

Remember back to how you thought about music when you were young, especially that from the 60s. Now consider that your kids are going to feel that way about Green Day, Oasis, Nirvana, No Doubt and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Feeling old yet?

By Dave

Dave is the proud father of Ellie and Jack. There's nothing that makes him happier than spending time with his incredible wife and their amazing children. He's a civil/mechanical engineer and he also builds and maintains WordPress websites.

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