When to announce your pregnancy

When you find out that you’re pregnant, one of the first pieces of “wisdom” that you’ll hear is to keep it to yourselves until about 12 or 13 weeks, as the first trimester is when the bulk of miscarriages occur. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you’re much more likely to go to term the theory goes.

I personally disagree and it was nice to see that a client of mine agreed. She became pregnant recently and became aware at about 5 weeks. However she didn’t want to let the fear of what might happen to the baby stop her from enjoying the moment.

She wanted people to share in her joy, and rightly so. She put it better than I possibly could, but I would encourage you to share your happy moments with the ones you love, not least because if the worst should happen, you’d want to be surrounded by the love, compassion and comfort of your friends rather than suffering in silence.

By Dave

Dave is the proud father of Ellie and Jack. There's nothing that makes him happier than spending time with his incredible wife and their amazing children. He's a civil/mechanical engineer and he also builds and maintains WordPress websites.

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