Thug Kitchen Cookbook

If you’re not familiar with Thug Kitchen, I first wrote about them about 18 months ago.

They’re a pro-vegan blog that doesn’t take any bullshit. They don’t mince their words and their vulgar and tough-guy approach to telling it how it is resonates with a huge swathe of people that think that eating vegan is for hippies.

We’ve been laughing along and cooking along with them ever since we heard about them and when they said they were writing a cookbook, we were quite excited.

I got the cookbook for Martina for Christmas and it’s a really good read. What I love most is that it doesn’t over-complicate veganism. There’s very few things that they use in their recipes that one wouldn’t find in many well-stocked kitchens and they have pages here and there dedicated to teaching you about some of the vegan basics, like what tempeh is, and how to handle and cook tofu.

This trailer that they put together is a great intro to the book and should give you an idea of their chosen delivery. If this makes you chuckle and you’ve ever been curious about veganism (even perhaps a weekday vegetarian), then you may well consider getting the Thug Kitchen Cookbook.

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