A British guide to punctuation

Despite doing relatively well at school, I often find myself trying to remember certain grammar rules, not least because of the blurred lines between American and British English, especially as a Brit living in America.

As such, I went in search of a British guide to punctuation and grammar and came across Larry Trask’s guide to punctuation from the University of Sussex (incidentally located in my hometown of Brighton).

It’s a great reference and a nice reminder that punctuation only belongs inside quotation marks if it is part of the original quotation for example (in contrast to American styling, which puts all punctuation inside the quotation marks).

The online reference is nice, but I also wanted a printed out version that I could reference easily at my desk, so I created this PDF, which I’m making available for anyone to download at their will. Not much attention went into formatting this document, so there may be errors here and there. Nonetheless, it should be a useful guide for anyone looking to reference appropriate British grammar usage.

Download British Guide to Punctuation

And while we’re on the subject, here are some other useful references for British style, grammar and punctuation:

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