The kind of clients that dreams are made of

Yesterday, I returned home to a little surprise in the mail. One of my long-standing clients for whom I don’t do a lot of work in grand scheme of things, had sent me a gift in the mail.

It really struck a chord with me, because I realised that I’d had a few clients now who have sent me gifts, which if you think about it is a bit unusual. I’m the contractor and they’re the client. They pay me to do work for them. I’m the one that should be thanking them for their business.

And yet, I’m getting gifts sent to me.

The gift wasn’t grand, but it was beautiful and thoughtful. She had selected some luxury caramels from what I gather is a local boutique confectioner and had them sent to me. I must say that it is the most attractive box of caramels I’ve ever seen and again and it was so thoughtful and strikingly alluring that I’ll never forget it.

These are the kind of gifts that a contractor would usually give to their clients to thank them for their custom, so it’s especially flattering to be receiving them from my clients. It’s helped to remind me that I’m fortunate enough to have relationships with my clients that extend beyond just a business relationship to a personal relationship, where my clients value me for what I do. They’re the kind of clients that don’t question my rates or my invoices, because they know I’m honest and worth it, and beyond that, they’re thanking me for the value I bring to them and their own businesses.

It’s a nice reminder that we can aspire to be more than “just contractors”, but trusted advisors and friends to those that we do business with.

Incidentally, if you or anyone you know are planning on getting married or having a celebration of any kind in southern California, I can’t recommend Joelle enough. She’s a wedding and event planner with incredible taste, excellent planning and personal skills, and is sure to meet your needs, wow you and give you a day to remember. Thank you Joelle for being the kind of client that dreams are made of.

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