The Killing

Martina and I recently got a Netflix subscription when we moved house, and bought a Smart TV for our (now much larger) living room, since watching TV on the 27″ iMac wasn’t going to cut it any more.

We started watching a few familiar shows before branching out and trying some new things. One of our favourite finds has undoubtedly been The Killing.

Martina and I have grown rather tired of “typical” American TV which is predictable, repeatable, blunt and tired. So we were a bit skeptical when we heard about The Killing, an American remake of a Dutch crime thriller (American remakes usually make me in particular cringe – I still refuse to watch the American version of The Office).

But after watching the first episode, we were tantalisingly hooked on a refreshingly dark and gritty thriller with political twists thrown in there. It only took us a couple of weeks to watch the first two seasons (which focus on one main story line), quickly followed by the third season (a new main story, with the same central characters) which although not as strong as seasons 1 & 2 was still time well spent.

We finished that up just in time to catch the fourth (and final) season premiere which we polished off in a matter of days.

All told, the series was a huge success in our books, and we certainly learned to love the main characters (Holder in particular).

For fans of The Fall, Luther, Line of Duty and others, The Killing is a sure bet.

Season 1 trailer

Season 2 trailer

Season 3 trailer

Season 4 trailer

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