Automatically track all of your shipments with Delivery Status (from Junecloud)

A list of deliveries in JuneCloud's Delivery Status

One of my absolute favourite iOS apps is Delivery Status. I’ve had it for years and it just gets better and better. It’s great for keeping track of all of the shipments heading your way, especially when you do much of your shopping online, like me.

A list of deliveries in JuneCloud's Delivery Status

I’ve been following the development of their add-tracking-by-email function for a while. The idea is that when you receive an email with tracking information, you can forward it to [email protected], it’ll recognise that it’s from your particular account and automatically add it to your list of deliveries. Pretty snazzy.

Until a while ago, there was a slight snag that drove my efficiency-driven mind mad. I wanted to be able to forward those emails automatically using a GMail filter. However, as you know, GMail requires you to verify accounts that you’re forwarding mail to. As such, there was no way to add [email protected] as a forwarding address.

Recently however, they set up an autoresponder which automatically recognised these verification emails from Google and returned them to you with the verification code (and a kind request to not forward them all of your mail). So now that I was able to add [email protected] as a forwarding address, I set up a filter to take all mail that arrives with either shipped, shipping or shipment in the subject, and archive it, label it, mark it as read and forward it to [email protected].

Creating a filter in GMail to handle shipment notifications


Now every time I receive a shipment notification, the email never even touches my inbox, but it notifies Junecloud and automatically pushes the shipment information to both my iPhone and Mac dashboard widget. Less email clutter, and important tasks happening automatically in the background. Oh how I love productivity like this!

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